2017 JOS Orchid Show Committee

No one person makes an Orchid Show successful.  Listed below is the JOS 2017 Orchid Show Committee.  We still need help, indeed – lots of it, to make the show work.  Please contact members of the committee if you will be able to help out.

Position Name
Show Chairman Art Russell
Cleanup Crew Charlie Dellinger*
Clerks Jerry Fowler
Exhibits – Amateur & Society Bob Gafney
Exhibits – Commercial Eric Cavin
Foliage James Arnold
Food Truck John Van Brocklin
Garden Club Liasion John Van Brocklin
Graphic Design Jane Russell
Hospitality Victoria Ford
Judges Breakfast 0730-0745 Christie Peppard
Workers Lunch  To be determined 
Exhibitors Meals  To be determined
Judging – Lead Eric Cavin
Membership / Greeting Table & Donation Jar Mary Malouin
Photograph Art Russell
Potting & Culture  To be determined
Table and Chairs Rental  To be determined
Publicity Stephen and Bernice Dunn
General Stephen and Bernice Dunn
AOS Magazine Dorothy Van Brocklin
Raffle Christie Peppard
Registration & Classification Eric Cavin
Setup Art Whittier
Harry McElroy
Show Schedule & Program BJ Honkamp
Signage BJ Honkamp
Staging Harry McElroy
T-Shirts Stacey Schwab
Linda Schenholm
Transportation Harry McElroy
Trophies Margret Cavin
Water Bonnie Myers
Riverside Arts Market (RAM Rob Stamfay-Stitz
Jacksonville.com Advertising Cammy Koeber
Education Events  To be determined