10 April 2018 – General Meeting of the Jacksonville Orchid Society

As a reminder, the April 2018 General Meeting of the Jacksonville Orchid Society is coming up quickly. Unfortunately, due to illness, there will be no featured speaker for the month of April.

We will be doing a potting workshop instead. One focus of the workshop is to answer questions new members or visitors may have about orchids they may have purchased at our recent 2018 Orchid Show. A second focus is to address general questions about repotting presented by the membership. With this second thought in mind, if you have a problem or representational orchid that you would like discussed, bring it along. Examples may include cold damaged, blighted, new growth, good and bad roots, sunburn, cold damage, mounted or potted orchids. Members are encouraged to bring small orchids that need repotting or any orchids you have questions about. During the discussion, we’ll repot a number of orchids and have I got a deal for you if you want a piece of Epidendrum radicans!

Orchid Sales. Since our speaker does not have plants to sell we encourage members to bring plants for sale either as silent auction plants or a table full of plants for sale. We ask 20% either way. If you do bring orchids for sale, please insure they are bug-free. It may be early in the season, but the bugs don’t care and are always looking for a new home.

Members are also invited to bring plants for a silent auction. The JOS receives 20% of auction receipts and the grower receives 80%. Here is the Plant Auction Silent Auction Form:

The Jacksonville Orchid Society meets on the second Tuesday of each month (except in May and December) at the Garden Club of Jacksonville, 1005 Riverside Avenue, Jacksonville, FL 32204. The doors open at 7 pm. Guests and visitors are always welcome! If you decide to join after coming to a few meetings, membership is $25.00 for a family and $20.00 for individuals.

We conduct an Orchid Culture Class for beginner and new growers needing assistance beginning at 7 pm. This is a good time to ask questions from an expert grower and get tips for what to do when there is a problem. The class covers a wide variety of topics including species and hybrids that are good to grow in this area, identification of pests and diseases, watering and fertilizing, and where to grow your orchids.

Members are welcome to bring blooming plants for a friendly judging at the Show Table. Here are the Show Table Instructions and a link to the interactive Show Table Forms: