First Bloomed Brassavola nodosa Contest

40 members and guests of the Jacksonville Orchid Society mounted Brassavola nodosa (B. nodosa) last night at our 8 June 2021 monthly meeting. Congratulations to you all!
So, now that we all have B. nodosa mounted, Let’s Have a Contest! The rules are easy since we’ll all be growing them the same way.
Rules. First participant to bloom a B. nodosa mounted last night wins!
A prize? Well, of course there will be a prize! I’ll let Lois Rasmussen, JOS President, determine what it will be, but I’m sure it will be appropriately orchid-related.
To submit your orchid as winner you’ll have to send us a picture of the orchid as mounted last night and bring it to the next meeting.
By way of background, this orchid can be expected to bloom once or twice a year, typically in the Spring and / or the Fall. In addition B. nodosa care instructions are on the JOS website ( at
Good Luck to you all!