Position Name Phone(s) Email
President Harry McElroy Leave a message at 904-315-9284 for information about the Jacksonville Orchid Society. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can, and typically within 24 hours. info@jaxorchidsociety.org
First Vice President Lois Rasmussen
2nd Vice President Art Russell
Treasurer Stacey Schwab
Secretary Tammy Stomfay-Stitz
Membership Secretary Bonnie Myers
Director Linda Schenholm (2015-2017)
Director Bernice Dunn (2017-2019)
Director Jerry Fowler (2017-2019)
Immediate Past President John Van Brocklin
Librarian Mary Malouin
Raffle Tickets Christie Peppard
Sunshine Beth Strate
Website Jane Russell
Newsletter Editor Vacant – Volunteer(s) Opportunity
Photographer Art Russell