Orchid culture can be as simple or as complicated as you might want to  make it.  Provided here are orchid culture references, articles, and other information we hope you’ll find useful.

JOS Articles

A Few Notes on Insecticide Use – http://jaxorchidsociety.org/2016/08/20/a-few-notes-on-insecticide-use/
Hydration is BACK! – http://jaxorchidsociety.org/2016/07/31/hydrotoron-is-back/
Ice Cube Trick for Watering Your Orchids – http://jaxorchidsociety.org/2016/08/20/ice-cube-trick-f…ing-your-orchids/
OrchidWiz Express – Upgrade NOW! (No Later Than 31 August 2016) – http://jaxorchidsociety.org/2016/08/20/orchidwiz-expres…n-31-august-2016/
Orchid References – http://jaxorchidsociety.org/2016/07/31/orchid-references/

External Sources

American Orchid Society – http://www.aos.org
St. Augustine Orchid Society – http://www.staugorchidsociety.org/index.html