The Jacksonville Orchid Society has its Annual Picnic and Auction typically during May of each year.  By exception we may conduct it around this time as directed by the JOS Board of Directors.

See Annual Picnic and Auction Dates here:

The picnic consists of two components: The Picnic and The Auction following the picnic.  The picnic typically starts at noon and lasts for about an hour.  The membership is informed of the picnic by email and announcement at our monthly meetings preceding the picnic.  If you want to attend the picnic, contact one of our Board of Director Members (or send email to to receive information about the date / time and location.  You’ll also need to sign up for either Pulled Pork BBQ (free to members) or Steak (with a $5 upcharge) and to let us know what you’ll be bringing as a side dish to contribute to the picnic table.

Immediately after the Picnic, we’ll start the Auction, which has proven over the years to be where the fun begins!

Auction Instructions:

Auction of member orchids is encouraged. But please follow the guidance below.
1 – The plant must be in bloom and clean of insects, etc.
2 – If the plant is not in bloom, it must be a named orchid and have an AOS certification. It must also be clean of insects, etc.
3 – You must Complete the Registration form for your orchid
4 – You must attach a tag with a minimum bid for your orchid
5 – Contact Stacey Schwab (or send email to with a list of the orchids you plan to auction.

Please use the interactive Auction Plant Seller Sheet at the following link: