Show Table – Monthly Meetings Layout

The show Table will be divided into Categories for the purpose of judging. The reason for the show table layout is to follow the registration categories used to register plants for shows and to educate the membership about general nomenclature and orchid names.

The Categories’ will be Cattleya hybrids, Phaleonopsis hybrids, Dendrobium hybrids, Oncidium hybrids, Cymbidium hybrids, Lady Slippers, Miscellaneous Hybrids, and Species. We will use two additional catego- ries “Novice” and “First Bloom Seedlings.

The “Novice” group is intended to give new members and beginners a place to exhibit their plants with other beginners. Plants with No Name (NONOMI’S) should be exhibited with novice plants. We need to em- phasize that plants with no name are not eligible as entries for judging in most shows but are beautiful and are welcome on the show table as plants grown by our beginners in the novice category.

First Bloom Seedlings can be entered in shows as Such with separate registrations. We will include this category for the purpose of being aware of the


A committee of three people shall be selected for the purpose of picking 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each cate- gory. Experience is not important at this time. We will be asking trained judges to comment and educate us all so that we will learn.

The results of the judging committee will announced at the end of each meeting. A lot of education can be gained from the show table. The time we spend will

Depend on the meeting program and how much time is available for discussion.

As manager of the show table I sincerely request maximum participation without complaining.
We are open to constructive suggestions and criticism and my hope Is that the show table will take its proper place in the JOS Program.

Harry McElroy