2021 – Speaker Program

Following is the tentative list of JOS speakers for 2021.  All speakers are subject to change.

January 2021 – Bill Thomas – Prepare Orchids for Show!

February 2021 – Harry McElroy – Cymbidium Culture

March 2021 – 2021 JOS Orchid Show Preparation

April 2021 – Steve Hawkins – Oncidium.

May 2021 – Annual JOS Picnic. 

June 2021 – Mounting Orchids Clinic – With JOS Members Lois Rasmussen and Lorraine Conover.

July 2021 – Mac’s Orchid’s – Culture of Selected Species.

August 2021 – Phillip Hamlin of Bredren Orchids. Phalaenopsis.

September 2021 – Re-potting educational workshop. This is a Hands-On session teaching you how to repot your orchids. We’ll show you how to do it and be there to assist. BYOPP (Bring your own plant & pot) – We will have the different potting media but no pots. COST is $5 per pot up to 6” larger sizes are $1 per inch of pot. If you have a plant or several that are in need you may bring them in WITH your own pot/s.

October 2021 – Thanh Nguyen of Springwater Orchids. Topic to be determined.

November 2021- Fred Clarke. Topic to be determined.

December 2021 – Annual Christmas Party.