Jim’s Purely Organic Fertilizer – At the Fall Orchid and Plant Show

From JOS President – Lois Rasmussen: On Jim’s Purely Organic Fertilizer 
BOTTOM LINE UP FRONT – Contact Jim Young to purchase Jim’s Purely Organic Fertilizer for delivery at the Fall Orchid and Plant Show
Jim Young is the owner of his company out of South Carolina.  This fertilizer was originally developed by a doctor who used it with amazing results on his roses. The doctor asked Jim if he was interested in manufacturing and marketing it and thus began the company. Rose Society members throughout the USA use the product.
In 2017 Sue Bottom (St. Aug. Orchid Society and AOS contributor) wrote an article for Orchids, the AOS magazine, about her positive experience using Purely Organic. In the July 2021 Orchids Sue again wrote about using fertilizer baskets which slowly feed the PO when rained on or watered.
I have used PO for about 3-4 yrs with significant results. Root growth is amazing. I highly recommend!
Jim was invited to participate in our Fall Sale but due to a Jacksonville Rose Society pre-commitment he was unable to accept. He has since offered to take orders by email with delivery on September 11 at 2p at the Fall Sale.
He has kindly broken his large bags to more manageable sizes of 5# and 10# as well as 23# and 45# bags.  He also has the fertilizer baskets I described for sale. Amazon sells them in lots of 100 only (I bought 300) but Jim is selling multiples of 10 for $2.50.
If you are interested please email Jim directly. All orders must be placed no later than August 26. Please place your order at: jimyoung1129@gmail.com
All orders will arrive at 2 pm on Saturday September 11 at the Mandarin Garden Club.  Cash or check only to be paid on receipt of product to Jim.  Please be prepared to pick up your order and pay him at that time. No orders will be held.
I just ordered 4-23# bags. I use it in my orchids, my vegetable garden, every plant I put into the ground and on weak spots in my lawn. It is truly an amazing product, made and sold in the USA!
Happy growing,
Lois Rasmussen