Monthly Show Table

Monthly Show Table

The Jacksonville Orchid Society (JOS) hosts a Show Table every month during its General Meeting. The purpose of the Show Table is to provide members an opportunity to display their orchids and gain knowledge about both their culture and how orchids should be displayed at our Annual Orchid Show as well as for American Orchid Society (AOS) judging. In participating you’ll see how others present their orchids and learn a few Tricks of the Trade.

How This Will Work

  1. Bring in your well-grown and flowering orchids, presenting them clean, staked if necessary and insect & disease free. Decorative pots or baskets can be used.
  2. Register your plans before 7pm the night of the meeting. Show Table Entry forms are found on our website under “General Meeting and Other Forms” (see links below). There is also a link for “Preparing your plants for exhibit” that has very helpful tips.
  3. Judging will take place during the Business part of our meeting. The First-Place winners in each category will be acknowledged by our speaker before the break with the program following.
  4. Show Table Ribbons will be awarded monthly starting at the September meeting, as judged by Harry and our Guest Speaker.

The JOS website ( has instructions describing how to prepare your orchids for display. It will help you get ready for the Show Table competition. See the links below.